What are flexible profiles?

Different companies have different needs, even when it comes to the smallest of products and components they use to create items. This is very much true, especially because similar products can be destined to very diverse industrial sectors, such as the automotive one, the building one or the electronics field, for example.

This is the main reason why Plasticol, a business located in Samarate (near Varese), offers to its clients a wide catalog full of very personalized products that can satisfy every companies’ needs.

Among the various objects that Plasticol manufactures every day, there are flexible profiles, customized industrial products that can either be finished goods themselves or serve as a protection layer for other finished item. Plasticol’s customers can choose many different plastic types for their flexible profiles such as PVC, ABS, thermoplastic elastomers, polypropylene, and polyurethane.

When asking for our help, our clients know they can always count on top quality and customized products: from the design to the color, from the digital print to the packaging, everything in our factory is done to meet the customers’ expectations.

Flexible profiles extrusion: how does the process work?

The flexible profile extrusion process is entirely similar to any other type of plastic extrusion. After picking out the right material for the project (since we manufacture the plastic ourselves we can assure any degree of flexibility), we insert it into the extruder, a machine whose barrel is provided with resistors. The heat created by the resistors melts the plastic granules, which are then pushed through a mold. The only thing left to do now is to cut the new profiles to measure, according to the client’s request.

The mold is the main focus of the production of flexible profiles and plastic profiles in general, because that’s what can make or break the entire work. Molds are created by Plasticol’s team of professionals that can either create a design for the client or work with a design submitted by the customer.


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